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Being There Matters: Why an American Manager is Necessary for Your Business

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

It happens more often than not. You make the arrangements, your visa is ready to go, and then, for one reason or another, entering the United States is prohibited.

Now what? You’ve spent months preparing. The business is waiting. What will happen if you can’t make it?

The first thing that comes to your mind is to ask a family member or acquaintance to take over your unfinished business. Family members are a great resource, but may not know all the in’s and out’s of management. This is where a regional representative can step in and conduct your affairs on your behalf.

Let’s look at the top reasons a contracted manager is the best option to handle your American affairs abroad.

Time Saving

In the event of a last minute emergency, personal managers can be booked almost immediately. Make sure you have all of your information ready to go for your consultation.

Qualified for Your Project

Hiring a business representative allows you to find the person with the right qualifications to represent your business interests. Contracted managers will have the specified skills you need for your project.

Positive Local Image

Regional acquaintances may find international companies more trustworthy and dependable when they see a local face representing their global partners. This helps you to have a higher perceived image by your American business counterparts.

Money Saving

International flights are expensive, not to mention inconvenient! Having a representative already placed in the United States saves you time and money. Schedule regular status updates with your representative. This will give you the freedom to continue working at home, while being productive abroad.

“When in Rome”

An excellent way to work in local economies is to speak and present yourself in a way the markets are comfortable with. Using local managers gives you the benefit of using customs and interactions to further your business’ reach.

New Friends & Connections

Growing your network means growing your business! Local managers can introduce you to individuals in their network. These first-name introductions could be the relationships you need to open new doors.

Protect Your Interests

Individual contractors give you the opportunity to have specialized attention to your interests. Specialized attention ensures the correct amount of detail is devoted to your projects.

The world of business moves forward no matter the situation. Weather, visa issues, or unexpected delays can negatively impact your business affairs. Don’t be left behind!

Hiring a direct report for your business is the strongest and safest way to protect your interests in the United States. Contracting managers for your overseas business gives you the insight you need to take on local markets.

Make certain the essential functions of your American business keep running smoothly. Central guidance is an integral part of your financial goals in the US. We’re here for you!

Contact EnterWorld today to book your local management.

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