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Professional Consulting & Management

for non-US Residents

EnterWorld is here to support your dream of company growth. Our business leaders represent your interests in all matters, both professional and personal. Using our local resources and experience, EnterWorld provides your business with the know-how to make a way in the American economy. Our managers are able to either directly attend to business matters with you or attend to business indirectly as your official representative.

Whether you need a friendly face to represent your international company or additional member of your American delegation, EnterWorld is ready to lead your company to successful business endeavors.

Managers are available for both corporate and private excursions in the US.

Due to COVID-19, EnterWorld is currently offering additional resources and information for international businesses and visa holders.

Visit our Covid-19 Resource Page to view your options.

Enter your dream

Enter your world


Discover how a local management team can safe you time and money.

  • Elimination of cultural and language barriers

  • Elimination of employee relocation cost

  • Elimination of flight, jet lag, and quarantine time

  • Increased efficiency in American market

  • Increased local reputation

  • Customizable services to your specific needs

Check out our full article HERE for more information on how local management takes your company to the next level.


Can't make the trip to the United States? Let us be your feet on the ground.

  • Business creation

  • Business expansion

  • Corporate events
  • Corporate planning
  • Market research

  • Negotiations

  • Academic exchanges

  • Routine business interactions

  • Supply chain


Make sure your group is being represented without discrimination. We send our local managers to be the face of your group.

  • Business trips

  • Corporate events

  • Groups

  • Personal /  private vacations

  • University tours

  • Artist touring

 Check out our full article HERE on the benefits of local management.


We help you develop the perfect market entrance plan.

  • Identifing competitors

  • Scouting locations

  • Evaluating product viability

  • Negotiating with local counterparts

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