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School Selection

Finding the right American school to fit your educational needs can be difficult. We are here to help!


Where you study matters!

The location of your educational institution, from the high school to university level, can affect the future trajectory of your career. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right location for you.

  • Future location of your dream job. (Where do you see yourself working?)

  • Expenses of the location. (Urban areas tend to be higher priced than suburban.)

  • Safety of ideal school location. (Are there additional options with safer neighborhoods?)


Education value is more than a price tag.

Studying in the USA can be costly if you are not careful. Matching the program you need to the cost you can afford is our specialty!

  • Programs which give you the most opportunity for your tuition. (Example: Enrolling in a 5-year combine undergraduate and graduate program versus 6 years at two different schools.)

  • Setting a budget. (What are your ideal tuition and living expenses for your education?)

  • Supplementary institutions. (Are there schools or universities that offer the same program for a more affordable tuition?)

High School

Beginning your US education.

Starting to study in the US can be overwhelming. With our year of experience helping students and families just like you, we are confident we can make your high school experience in the US safe and successful.​

  • English level. (Are you able to pass school interviews and VISA exams?)

  • Test scores. (What are your current school transcript scores?)

Program (College & University)

What are you studying in the USA?

Time to begin your professional studies in the US! We are excited for your journey! Choosing the major and master's that is right for you is critical!

  • Area of specialty or interest. (What do you see yourself inclined to pursue?)

  • Test scores. (What were your TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT scores?)

  • Location of future career. (Where do you see yourself working after graduation?)

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