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Student Agency

American Education Done Right

Protect your educational journey with our comprehensive student services. From university tours to late night emergencies, EnterWorld makes sure your education is a priority.


Find the school that matches your educational goals.

School Application

Application Guidance

Our staff guide you through the complicated application process.

Tutor and Student

Internship Mentoring

Discover the internship that is best for your future employment.

University Building

Make a trip to visit your top universities and schools in person.

Male Student

Work-Study Assistance

Employment guidance for your student.


Emergency Assistance

Don't be left alone in the US. 24/7 help for any concern you have.

"If you have doubts about what EnterWorld, I can say that Cassie, the one who is leading EnterWorld is someone who will sincerely try her best to help you. I will forever be grateful for the times she helped while I was a high school student in America. If it is experience, then she has plenty. If it is passion, then she has even more. So allow her to help you."

~Ted Phan, previous student

Find the Right Agency Service for You

EnterWorld is able to customize your Student Agent experience. Our value packages give you and your student exactly what your need at the competitive price that fits your budget. Find the service that fits your needs!

Available for both high school and university services.

Not a Student? EnterWorld Works With Educational Institutions:

We work one-on-one with educational institutions aiding their enrollment goals:

  • Student application reviews

  • Student personal statement coaching

  • Individualized recruitment

Ready to get started? EnterWorld helps you find the right educational institute for your academic and financial goals. As local American agents, we are dedicated to providing one-on-one service to each student. We pride ourselves on being the local connection your student needs to be successful in the American education system.

From application submission to local move-in, EnterWorld supports your dream of American education.

Not sure where to get started? Check out our student resource article HERE on how to pick the right American educational institution.

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