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COVID 19 Resources for International Business in the US

Due to current health situations, international travel and visa restrictions have increased. What does this mean for you or your business?

Contact EnterWorld today to discuss the best option for your business.

What are the options for international businesses during Covid-19?

Don't waste your time! Many businesses are looking for ways to find opportunity during this season.


Use local managers to continue your US affairs.


  • Increase long-term efficiency of US operations

  • Reduced travel problems

  • No visa issues

  • No re-entry setbacks

  • Management already in place to take care of geographic issues

  • Stay up to day on company deadlines


  • Financial


  • Cost effective management services for non-US based companies​

    • Contract manager to maintain and improve US operations​

    • Professional business managers work directly for you

    • On-site facilitation and representation of company

  • Continue operations in USA

  • Safe, international-friendly environment

  • Receive daily updates on project timelines​

  • Confidential services

Curious how EnterWorld can help your overseas business? Contact EnterWorld today!

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